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Dark Char & Rum Casks

This smooth and rich blend of Irish grain and malt whiskey is matured in ex-bourbon oak casks shipped from America to the southwest coast of Ireland. The whiskey has been cut from its original cask strength to its current delectable form using rock-filtered water from County Mayo, the home of our Pirate Queen.

The nose is oaky with some citrus and a subtle spice. The aromas then develop, and malt, vanilla and demerara sweetness come to the fore. The mouthfeel is smooth with a malty, lingering sweetness, vanilla and slight touch of smokiness at the end.

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Black Cask

First edition blended Irish Whiskey is cut with rock filtered water from County Mayo and is matured in handcrafted Charred oak barrels. It is dedicated to the famous Irish Pirate Queen®, Grace O’Malley.

Nose: Pencil shavings, fresh oak, orange peel, vanilla, pear, fresh cream and honey. A touch of spice and oak char adds some nice complexity.

Palate: Medium mouthfeel with some chewy oakiness and tannin. A nice mix of vanilla, cream and popcorn combined with malt derived flavours of pear, apple, citrus, and spice. Suprisingly rich for a blended whiskey.

Finish: Pleasently warm and spicy. The oakiness persists and adds some welcome complexity.


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