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Heather Infused Irish Gin

Infused with the bell-shaped purple flowers of Irish heather growing in abundance along the Atlantic Coast.  A symbol of love, luck and protection, heather is wild and hardy but beautiful – its blooms impart a distinctive taste to this gin. Nothing could better embody such a complex character or the spirit of Grace, the Irish pirate queen.

Made with 14 botanicals with defining aromatics from the West of Ireland including heather, wild thyme, red clover, blackthorn, fraughan and rock samphire. A true, traditional style gin made with modern distilling techniques to capture real taste intensity. Rounded, balanced with a fresh, floral finish.


Blended Irish Whiskey

Grace O’Malley Irish Whiskey is a special blend, combining multiple batches of whiskey of varying age statements from three to ten years old.  Each batch of whiskey is aged perfectly in different barrel types including French Oak, American Oak, Bourbon and Rum Casks.  These casks are hand selected and matched to each whiskey’s characteristics for maturing and finishing. 

This whiskey is unique in Ireland due to its high content double-distilled malt.  With double and triple distilled single malts and grain whiskeys in the blend, it delivers the perfect balance of fruitiness, age character, complexity and smoothness. 

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Caribbean Golden Rum

Grace O’Malley Golden Rum is a blend of aged column still and pot still rums from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Pure taste pleasure from plundered Caribbean treasures, this golden rum is blended with rock filtered water from Co. Mayo.

Medium bodied, this golden rum delivers a rich but smooth flavour. Standing perfectly on its own, it can be sipped straight up. Or pair it with your favourite mixer and enjoy – it makes delicious long drinks and cocktails.


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