Welcome to our Believe In Grace Bar

The door of our bar has only just creaked open, but it’s already worth taking a step inside.
Check out our first signature whiskey cocktail: “Blood in the Cut” and our super-refreshing G&T with grapefruit. Make yourself at home!

Blood in the Cut


This combination of whiskey heat and creamy sweetness of the toffee results in something truly special.

Add 5cl Grace O’Malley Blended Irish Whiskey into an ice-filled shaker.
Add 2.5cl Toffee Liqueur and 3cl Verjus or Lemon Juice.
Add a pinch of sea salt. Shake well and then strain into an ice-filled tumbler.

Finally, add 2cl Black Cassis Juice and leave it to cloud the glass. Then: Believe in Grace!

PS: Incidentally, the name of the drink was inspired by K.Flay’s great song.

The most delicious Gin & Tonic in the world


Our Grace O’Malley Gin & Tonic is characterized by its aromatic juniper and heather notes. An unrivalled mix when paired with fresh grapefruit and good tonic water!

Pour 5cl Grace O’Malley Gin into an ice-filled highball or balloon glass.
Add a large piece of juicy grapefruit, add tonic, give it a stir and done:Believe in Grace!

PS: Try it with grapefruit lemonade instead of tonic, for a bitter-sweet twist on this classic!

Bloody Cherry


Bloody Cherry is an ode to Grace O’Malley and her adventures. The golden cherry symbolises her captured treasures. The bloody cherry perfectly combines the layered richness of the Irish Whiskey with and balanced sweetness of cherry and chocolate flavours.

  • 4,5cl Grace O’Malley Whiskey
  • 2cl Antica Quaglia Kirsch
  • 1cl Dry Curacao
  • 1cl Clarified lime juice
  • 3 Dash Chocolate Bitters
  • 0,5cl Ghee Syrup

Served over ice.


CAPTAIN'S RANGE: From the depths of our hold we present the Grace O’Malley® Captain’s Range of limited release, aged Irish whiskeys. Created especially for connoisseurs and collectors, our prized curation originates in part from the legendary Cooley Distillery. A selection of very special single malts, matured for at least 18 years, each one is double cask finished for its own unique flavour. This collection showcases our finest masterpiece whiskeys. Responsible for the decisions at every step in the ageing and finishing is world renowned spirits expert, Cellar Master & Blender, Paul Caris who calls the exact moment that each whiskey has reached "true perfection".
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NAVIGATOR RANGE: Step up on deck for the Grace O’Malley® Navigator’s Range, perfect for those on a whiskey journey of discovery. The Navigator’s Range presents specially blended whiskeys that are balanced, round and full of aroma. Matured in handcrafted, charred oak barrels, each whiskey is specially finished for added spiciness. Expand your horizons with something truly special.
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CREW RANGE: Welcome aboard. Our flagship Crew Range is the perfect introduction to premium spirits from Grace O’Malley® with something for everyone – a wonderfully smooth, perfectly balanced whiskey; a wild, west coast, heather infused gin and a deliciously rich, golden rum – each cut, diffused or blended with rock filtered water from Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland.
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