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Hendrick Melle, Stefan Hansen and Stephen Cope at Rockfleet Castle

Grace O’Malley brought a present of a bottle of Uisce Beatha (Irish Whiskey) to Queen Elizabeth I at her meeting in 1593. Was this the first Irish Whiskey produced by Mayo Monks on the Irish wild Atlantic coast? Growing up in the West you are close to the Grace O’Malley story and learn the traditional rebel song “Óró, sé do bheatha ‘bhaile” in school. I am deeply proud of my west of Ireland heritage and developed the Grace O’Malley Whiskey brand so that all people around the world can embrace great Irish Whiskey and the story of Ireland’s Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley – Grainne Mhaol /Granuaile. Take a sip, close your eyes and you are looking out at the wild Atlantic sea on the west coast of Ireland, breath in the sea salted air and hear the crashing waves. The spirit of Grace O’Malley needed to be preserved in something as complex, something as rugged and something with as deep a connection to the heritage of Ireland as Grace O’Malley herself – Irish Whiskey. I have what seems like the enviable job of working with award-winning Irish Distillers, specialty premium barrels and rock filtered water from the west of Ireland.  However, opening barrels, signing off quality and approving the various finishes of our whiskey is a tough job but I love to do it with my partners Stefan Hansen & Hendrick Melle. – Sláinte mhaith (good health).

Stephen Cope,
Grace O’Malley Whiskey

Believe in Grace
The idea

The incredible story of Grace O’Malley and our desire to share it with the world was the inspiration behind our brand Grace O‘Malley –Irish Pirate Queen®. Grace was the daughter of an Irish Chieftain, a sailor, a mother, a lover, and a warrior. We dedicate our brand to her and sail under her flag into the world of great spirits: Believe in Grace!



We have a great seafarer as our namesake. That’s why our whiskeys and spirits are grouped into the Captain’s, Navigator and Crew Ranges:

In our Captain’s Range we have 18 year old Single Malts that we have finished in hand selected casks – from Amarone to Cognac.
In our Navigator Range, we have special blends of over 40 whiskeys of age statements up to ten years, finished in Rum casks or char casks.
For the Crew Range – in honour of the wide world of Grace – we have a Blended Irish Whiskey, Heather Infused Irish Gin and a plundered Caribbean Golden Rum in our hold.

Whoever sips these spirits will have grace in their hearts.


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