Grace O’Malley®

Irish Whiskey and Gin

The Grace O’Malley brand is dedicated to the legendary Irish pirate queen, Grainne Ní Mháille/Grace O’Malley, also known as Granuaile. Born into Irish nobility in Co Mayo in 1530, she was a charismatic and natural leader. Gifted as a negotiator, she was a fearless mariner throughout her life and her great rebellious life should never be forgotten.

From the west coast of ireland
to rebel hearts around the world

Blended Whiskey

Our flagship Grace O’Malley Blended Irish Whiskey was created by our master blender, Paul Caris. With a 46% malt content it’s a truly unique Irish blend.



Experience the taste of Ireland with our Heather Infused Irish Gin. The carefully selected botanicals will unfold on your tongue and let you taste the full abundance of Irish Heather.

What's next?

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Dark Char

Dark Char Cask

Grace O’Malley Dark Char Cask Whiskey is a superior blend, combining multiple batches of whiskey of varying age statements of up to 10 years. It delivers a wonderful balance of fruit, age-character, flavour complexity and smoothness. Image Distinctive in Ireland due to its high content of double-distilled malt, this distinctive blend is finished in deep charred American oak bourbon casks, delivering added smoothness and a long, sweet finish.

Rum Cask

Rum Cask

Grace O’Malley Rum Cask Whiskey is a wonderful blend, combining multiple batches of whiskey of varying age Image statements up to 10 years to deliver an incredible balance of fruitiness, age-character, complexity and smoothness. Finished in Caribbean rum casks for added spice, this great whiskey is characterised by its high content of double-distilled malt.

Black Cask

Cognac Cask

A legendary Single Malt – The last of its generation. Grace O’Malley® 18 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey Cognac Cask is a an award-winning Single Malt, aged for at least 18 years in Bourbon barrels,and refined for six months in wet Cognac casks which previously held Cognac for more than 30 years. The casks have been hand selected by Grace O’Malley Master Blender, Paul Caris, who has worked with leading wine- and spirits companies and has won the ICS „World‘s Best Cognac“ trophy. Individually numbered and signed by our Founder Stephen Cope, each bottle is a celebration of the craft of Irish whiskey and the singular character of Grace O’Malley®. With only 211 bottles available, this limited edition is a true mark of our ambition.

Caramel, bourbon vanilla, malty notes, dry almond, orange peel, honey

Smooth front palate with round tannin, well balanced with fruit overtones

Oriental pastry, sweet spice and toasted notes


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